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1. What are the commissions and other charges?
  Singapore Hong Kong Malaysia
UTRADE Edge Accounts Online Rates  Online Rates  Online Rates 
Flat Rate 0.18%  0.18%  0.18% 
Minimum Commission S$18.00 HK$100.00 MYR60.00
Other Charges
Clearing Fee

0.0325% on gross consideration

0.003% on gross consideration
(Min: HK$3; Max: HK$100)
0.03% (Max: MYR1,000)
Stamp Duty N.A. 0.1% on gross consideration 0.1% (Max: MYR200)
Trading Access Fee 0.0075% on gross consideration 0.005% on gross consideration N.A.
Transaction Levy N.A. 0.0027% on gross consideration N.A.
GST The relevant GST applies The relevant GST applies

The relevant GSTs apply

2. Are there any additional charges other than those mentioned?
  Singapore Hong Kong Malaysia
Sub Account Charge

- Waived
   . Without Holdings: Waived
   . With Holdings: Waived

(UOBKH reserves the right to amend the fees and charges, and to close the account if there is no trade subsequently.)

- Not Applicable

- Not Applicable

Custodian Charge - Not Applicable

- SGD2 + GST per counter
  per month billed to clients
  on a quarterly basis(waiver
  for quarter with 6
  transactions done or waiver
  for the particular month
  with at least 2 transactions

- SGD2 + GST per counter
  per month billed to clients
  on a quarterly basis   (waiver for quarter with
  6 transactions done or   waiver for the particular   month with at least 2   transactions done)

Platform Fee

- No

Rights Issue Charge

- Waived

- Handling charge: SGD30 +
  GST (inclusive of all out-of-
  pocket expenses)

- CCASS fee HKD 1 per
  board lot

- Handling charge: SGD30
  + GST (inclusive of all
  out-of-pocket expenses)

Dividend Charge

- Waived

- CCASS Scrip fee:  one time
  charge of HKD 1.50 per
  board lot

- Dividend ≤ SGD 10
  SGD 1 + GST

- Dividend ≤ SGD 500
  SGD 5 + GST

- Dividend ≥ 500
  1% of dividend capped at
  SGD 25 + GST

3. Can the UOBKH Depository Agent Sub-Account maintenance charges be waived?
For Sub-Account for UTRADE Edge Account, this is waived. (UOBKH reserves the right to amend the fees and charges, and to close the account if there is no trade subsequently.)
4. Is there a platform fee?
Of course not! This is an indirect way of charging you for holding on to your shares and ETFs. This is additional cost to the customer on a recurring basis.
5. Where are the shares kept?
Shares will be kept in our Custodian under UOBKH.
6. How do I check my share holdings since my shares are kept with UOBKH?
You can check your UTRADE Edge Account share holdings online from your UTRADE account. Click on
“Portfolio” > “Custody Holdings” to see your holdings. A monthly statement will also be sent to you if there is
transaction within that month.  Otherwise, a statement will be sent to you on a quarterly basis.
7. Can I sell my Singapore share holdings in my CDP Account using UTRADE Edge Account?
No, you can’t sell your Singapore shares in your CDP Account using your UTRADE Edge Account. To sell, your share holdings must be transferred to your Sub-Account at UOBKH prior to you selling. There will be no charge for transferring your Singapore share holdings to UOBKH.
8. Will my UTRADE Edge Account be linked to my existing trading account?
Yes, your existing trading account will be linked to your UTRADE Edge Account.
If your account is opened before 1st May 2018 and you would like to link your UTRADE Edge Account to your existing trading account, kindly download and fill in this form “Request To Link Multiple Online Accounts” and submit it to UOBKH.
9. What are some of the key parameters of UTRADE Edge Account?
  UTRADE Edge Account
Which markets can I trade? Singapore, Hong Kong  and Malaysia
Can I do contra trade?

Singapore market:   Yes
Hong Kong market:  Yes
Malaysia market:     Yes

Is there a trading limit on the value of shares I can trade?

Trading limit is based on x 1 of cash deposit. 

Note: Trading limit is computed in SGD.  If you deposit foreign currencies, a SGD equivalent will be computed after taking into consideration currency fluctuations.
10. What is the settlement period?

For Singapore market and Malaysia market:  It will be T+3 for all contract types.  Shares will be force-sold if payment is not received by T+3.

For Hong Kong market:  It will be T+2 for all contract types.  Shares will be force-sold if payment is not received by T+2.

UOBKH reserves the right to sell your share holdings in your Sub-Account, or use the available cash balance in your Trust Account to settle any outstanding position or contra loss.

11. How do I fund my UTRADE Edge Account?

You may deposit money into your UTRADE Edge Account via fund transfer (see below for details), send cheque, or deposit cash at our Cashier. The funds will be credited into your Trust Account for trade settlement.

Fund transfer details: Bank:
For account:
Account number:
United Overseas Bank S’pore (Main Branch)
UOB Kay Hian Private Limited

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