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1. What are the commission and other charges?
All Contract Types Except UTRADE Edge/Plus Online Rates
Contract Value up to S$50,000


Contract Value above S$50,000 and up to S$100,000 0.22%
Contract Value above S$100,000


Minimum Commission

S$25 / US$19 / A$20 / HK$139

UTRADE Edge Accounts Online Rates
Flat Rate 0.18%
Minimum Commission S$18
UTRADE Plus Accounts Online Rates
Flat Rate 0.12%*
Minimum Commission S$10*
  *This promotion is valid from now till 30 June 2017.
Other Charges  
Clearing Fee

0.0325% on gross consideration - Please contact your Trading Representative for the quarterly updated maximum for foreign currency denominated counters)
[Structured Warrants - 0.05% on gross consideration, maximum S$200]

Trading Access Fee 0.0075% on gross consideration
GST 7% on brokerage fees and other charges

All Contract Types Online Rates
Contract Value up to RM100,000


Contract Value above RM100,000 and up to RM200,000 0.40%
Contract Value above RM200,000


Minimum Commission


UTRADE Edge Accounts Online Rates
Flat Rate 0.18%
Minimum Commission RM60
Other Charges  
Clearing Fee 0.03% on gross consideration (Maximum of RM1,000)
Stamp Duty RM1.00 for RM1000.00 or less (Maximum of RM200)
GST Mal – 6% on brokerage and clearing fees
Commission is subject to prevailing Singapore GST (if applicable)

Hong Kong  
All Contract Types Online Rates
Contract Value up to HK$250,000


Contract Value above HK$250,000 0.20%
Minimum Commission


Rates are split between UOBKH Hong Kong commission and UOBKH Singapore commission, where UOBKH Hong Kong commission is 0.15% (subject to a minimum of HK$50) and UOBKH Singapore commission is 0.05% (where contract value is above HK$250,000) or 0.10% (where contract value is up to HK$250,000, AND subject to a minimum of HK$50).
UTRADE Edge Accounts Online Rates
Flat Rate 0.18%
Minimum Commission HK$100
Other Charges  
Clearing Fee 0.003% on gross consideration
(Minimum HK$3.00, Maximum HK$100.00)
Stamp Duty 0.1% on gross consideration
(rounded up to the nearest HK$)
Transaction Levy 0.0027% on gross consideration
Trading Fee 0.005% on gross consideration
GST 7% on UOBKH Singapore commission only

All Contract Types Online Rates
Flat Rate


Minimum Commission US$20
Other Charges  
SEC Fee (applicable for SELL trades only)

0.00218% on gross consideration (effective from 16 February 2016 settlement date, 10 February 2016 trade date)

FINRA Trading Activity Fee (applicable for SELL trades only) US$0.000119 per share traded, maximum of US$5.95 (effective from 1 July 2012 trade date)
OTC Transaction Fee (applicable for OTC SELL trades, where traded price is US$0.10 and below)

US$0.00001 per share traded

French Financial Transaction Tax (applicable for French ADR BUY trades only) 0.3% on gross consideration (effective from 29 December 2016 trade date)
GST 7% on brokerage fees
2. What is the settlement period?
Markets Settlement Period

Trade Date + 3 market days

Hong Kong Trade Date + 2 market days
Malaysia Trade Date + 3 market days
US Trade Date + 3 market days

If the due date falls on a Singapore holiday, settlement will be made on the following market day. This does not apply to Malaysia, Hone Kong, US holidays.

Your shares can be force-sold at UOBKH’s discretion if your trade is not settled within settlement period.

3. How much is my purchase? What are my outstanding positions?

SGX, Bursa and HKEx
You can check under "Account Management", "Outstanding Position" one day after trade date for the contract amount and due date of your trade.

US Markets
Please contact your Trading Representative for assistance.

4. What currency can I settle my trades in?

SGX – Singapore dollars or traded currency
BURSA – Malaysian Ringgit or Singapore dollars
HKEx – Hong Kong dollars or Singapore dollars
NYSE/NYSE ARCA/NASDAQ/AMEX – US dollars or Singapore dollars

When you place an order online, you can choose the currency you wish to settle in.

Please note the following for USD payments:-

Payment Type

Additional Costs

USD cheques (from UOB Bank USD account in Singapore)


USD cheques drawn on USD accounts in Singapore

Subject to costs imposed by agent bank

5. What will be the exchange rates for my trades?

Your exchange rates are booked at spot rates based on the instruction given by either your Trading Representative or yourself. You can either refer to the contract note or call your Trading Representative to check on the actual exchange rate.

6. Will I be able to amalgamate my trades into one contract?

Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong trades will be amalgamated. However, these conditions must be met:

- Trades must be done through the same trading channel (i.e. online or via broker)

- Trades must be of the same action (i.e. buy or sell)

- Trades must be done on the same trading day

- Trades must be of the same security

- Trades must be of the same payment mode (e.g. Cash, CPF, SRS)

Please note that there is no amalgamation for US trades.

7. How can I make payment for my trades?

You can choose to pay through one of the following ways:

- Cash or Cheque at our counter on the 2nd Floor of our office at 8 Anthony Road

- Cheque made payable to UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd. (Please indicate your trading account number and the contract number or the contra statement number on the reverse side of the cheque.)

- EPS via the ATM or Internet banking

- GIRO through DBS/POSB, UOB and OCBC bank accounts

- Bill payment via Internet banking with DBS/POSB, UOB, Standard Chartered and HSBC

- Telegraphic transfer (US trades only)

- Trust account that is maintained with UOBKH to facilitate settlement for your share transactions

Please note that only SGD is accepted for payment via cash, Internet banking, EPS and GIRO. Please also note that payment processing is performed on full trading days only.

Please note that the settlement period differs for different payment option:

Payment Option

Due Date

Cash / Cheque

T+3, 5.30PM


T+3, 5.30PM

EPS (ATM or Internet Banking)

T+2, 8.00PM

Bill Payment (Internet Banking)

T+2, 8.00PM

Telegraphic Transfer

T+3, 5.30PM

8. Can I make payments with USD cheques drawn from any bank in Singapore?

UOBKH will not accept settlement by USD cheques drawn from non-participating banks as these cheques take approximately one to three weeks to clear. As shares awaiting positions or contra losses will only be cleared upon clearance of the cheques, this may incur interest for late payment. 

Below is the list of participating banks:


Name of Bank




American Express Bank


Bangkok Bank Public Co Ltd


Bank of America


Bank of China


Bank of India


Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ltd


BNP Paribas


Chang Hwa Commercial Bank


Chiao Tung Bank Co Ltd




Credit Agricole Indosuez


DBS Bank


Deutsche Bank


First Commercial Bank


Habib Bank


HL Bank


Hua Nan Commercial Bank


Indian Bank


Indian Overseas Bank


Industrial and Commercial Bank


Korean Exchange Bank


Malayan Banking Bhd


Mizuho Corporate Bank




RHB Bank


Standard Chartered Bank


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corpn


The Bank of East Asia Ltd


The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corpn


UCO Bank


United Overseas Bank Limited

9. What is Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS)?

Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS) facilitates the transfer of funds between designated bank accounts of investors and their stockbroking companies.
To activate this linkage, complete the Application for Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS) form. It takes approximately 1 week to process this linkage.

10. How to make payment via Internet Banking EPS/Bill Payment?
  • For EPS through DBS/POSB and UOB bank accounts, please proceed to "Investment Services", "Electronic Payment for Shares" and follow the instructions onscreen.
  • For EPS through OCBC bank accounts, please proceed to "Bill Payment", "Share Payment (EPS)" and follow the instructions onscreen.
  • For EPS through Citibank bank accounts, please proceed to "Payments & Transfers", "Shares Payment (EPS)" and follow the instructions onscreen.
  • For Bill Payment through DBS/POSB, Standard Chartered and HSBC accounts, the reference number is your 7-digit trading account number.
  • For Bill Payment through UOB bank accounts, the reference number is '05' followed by your 7-digit trading account number
11. When do I receive my sales proceeds?

With EPS or GIRO, sales proceeds in Singapore dollars will be credited directly into your designated bank account on 'D' day and you should see the credit balance in your account on D + 1. Otherwise, a cheque will be sent to you on D+1.

12. Can I use my sales proceeds to offset my purchases?

Yes, you may do so if both sales and purchases are in the same settlement currency. Please inform your Trading Representative of your request one day before the due date of the sale(s).

13. How do I withdraw money from my Trust Account?

Please contact your Trading Representative for assistance.


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