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1. What features are available for subscription?


Subscription Fee (w/o GST)

Payment Frequency

SGX Market Depth



SMS Stock Alerts



HK Live Prices



US Live Prices



2. How do I subscribe?

Click here for the subscription form or call Client Services at +65 6536 9338 to have the application form sent to you. Payment of 3 months subscription must be submitted with the subscription form. We will activate the service upon receiving payment.

All payment modes except GIRO are available. To find out more about our payment modes, please click here.

3. When do I make payment for my subscription?

If this is your first month of subscription, you must make payment for 3 months subscription before the service can be activated.

For subsequent periods, we will send you a debit note one month ahead. Please make payment before the start of the next period. Otherwise, your subscription will not be renewed.

4. How long does it take to activate my subscription?

To facilitate payment clearance, please allow a processing time of at least 3 working days. You will be notified via email upon successful activation.

5. How do I terminate my subscription?

Email us at contact@utrade.com.sg to terminate your subscription. Late or non-payment of subscription fees will also result in the termination of your subscription.

6. What other features can I enjoy with my SGX Market Depth subscription?

Up to 3 Customisable pages, and up to 6 pagelets per page.

7. I have started my SGX Market Depth subscription, but how do I locate the Market Depth information?

Right-click on the stock name and select Market Depth.

8. How do I create customisable pages?

One page with Top 30, Place Order and Order Book pagelets has been preset for you. To edit/create your own pages, please use the buttons at the top right section of this page.

9. I have started my SMS Stock Alert subscription, but how do I activate the SMS alerts?

SMS alerts (trade confirmations and stock alerts) can be activated under the Account Management tab at the Preferences page.

Stock alerts can be activated under the Trade tab at the Stock Alert page.

10. What is a Push Notification and how does it work?

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device, it is delivered using the mobile device data connection. Clients do not have to be in the app or be using their devices to receive push notifications. This new feature is provided free to clients to keep them informed of their trade status or market movement of their desired stock on the go. Clients will be notified via a pop-up message when the alert is triggered. Push notifications can be turned on/off on UTRADE Mobile on iPhone/Andriod, refer to user guide.

11. What are the additional features I can gain access to when I subscribe to the HK Package?

Apart from real-time streaming price quotes, you can also gain access to

- Customisable pages (up to 3 pages)
- HKEx Intraday Chart
- HKEx Broker Queue
- HKEx Market Depth

To locate the features, right-click on the stock name and select accordingly.


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