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An effective technical
analysis tool

ChartGenie is our latest addition to our technical analysis tool which performs live scans of your watchlists and portfolios, as well as the entire market (SGX and Bursa). Using 18 effective and commonly used technical signals, this scan detects and alerts you on actionable trading ideas to help you identify trends for your next trading decision.

We have enhanced our ChartGenie! The technical analysis tool is now available for SGX, Bursa and US markets (end of day data).

ChartGenie is also available on UTRADE SG Tablet*!
download iOS SG Tablet download Android SG Tablet
* Currently for SGX only
1. Alerts

One of the key feature of ChartGenie, it alerts you on stocks that have good technical signals triggered by technical studies such as MACD, ADX, Support and Resistance with high volume breakouts, helping you to make informed trading decision.

2. Commentary

ChartGenie provides a Technical Analysis commentary on every stock based on the shape of their price and indicator daily chart. Refreshed at the end of each trading day, it tells you how the stock has been performing and trending.

3. Marquee

Check out the daily top 20 volume counters in a marquee located at the top, as illustrated below:

4. Technical and Trend Information

ChartGenie provides the technical information of each stock as illustrated below:

At a glance, the user can easily measure the risk and reward of the stock with the Price to Support and Price to Resistance.

5. Charting Area

The various features and options allow you to easily customize and plot chart by selecting the indicator and stocks to analyse price trends and patterns of your selected stocks.


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