Most of the major stock indices are based on a basket of blue chip stocks that represent the performance of the financial market. CFD Indices is a financial instrument that tracks the underlying Stock Index.

Benefits of CFD Indices


Up to 20X the initial deposit.

Diversified Exposures

Diversify your exposure over a basket of index component blue chips instead of a single stock.

Hassle-Free & Cost Effective

Imagine settling just once for a basket of index component blue chips.

No Contract Expiry

Positions can be held as long as you like.

Trading Opportunities

You can go long if you have a bullish view or short when you are bearish.

MT4 system

UTRADE FX MT4 system offers a clean and user-friendly interface equipped with a wide range of powerful functions that give more advanced traders the edge in the market.

Trade Now with UTRADE CFD Indices

How To Get Started

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