Recovery on Track for Aviation + Bond Yields Staying Higher For Longer

Global air travel is expected to recover to the pre-pandemic levels by 2024. However, the paces of recovery are expected to be uneven across different geographies and different parts of the aviation value chain. We will present an update on our view on the aviation sector recovery and address relevant Singapore aviation plays to ride the recovery.

Structural changes cause persistent and elevated inflation, which leads to bond yields staying higher for longer. Interest rates are on the rise. We believe that NIM expansion is expected to be the key driver of earnings growth for Singapore banks as liquidity is tightened and the Fed institutes a series of interest rate hikes.

Speaker's Profile

Roy is a Senior Equity Analyst covering the regional aviation sector. He has 10 years’ experience as an investment professional, including 7 years in equity research and 3 years in the corporate development (M&A and Strategy) function of an SGX-listed transportation conglomerate.

Jonathan has 24 years of experience in equity research and fund management. He was ranked by the Asiamoney Brokers Poll as the No. 2 Best Analyst for Telecommunication Services in Singapore in 2017 and No. 3 Overall Earnings Estimator for Singapore in 2012 in the Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards.