China Property Bond Basket

The China Property Bond Basket provides you an opportunity to receive attractive yield in China property bonds through exposure to a diversified basket of 8 different bonds.

Why should you invest in China Property Bond Basket?

  • Mixture of Bonds
    Earn 5.1%* p.a. coupon from a mix of investment grade and high yield bonds with average BB credit rating, issued by property developers with strong track record

  • Diversification
    Gain exposure to 8 bonds in a single product

  • Affordability
    Minimum investment amount of S$50,000 or US$40,000

  • Security Selection
    Sound credit selection through bottom-up credit analysis

  • Average Remaining Maturity
    Short duration of 3 years

  • No Price Risk at Maturity
    Receive full principal and interest even if there are rating downgrades, as long as there is no credit event

  • Daily Liquidity
    Offers you daily liquidity if you need to unwind

  • Exposure Reduces Over Time
    Principal is redeemable as each bond matures

  • Full Transparency of Holdings
    Know all the positions in the basket

  • Special Financing Rates Available
    In-house COF + 1%

  • Tranches available
    SGD and USD

Why invest in China Property?

  • China property sales momentum has picked up, given the improving economic backdrop.

  • Top 100 developers reported an impressive 12% YoY gross pre-sales growth in 2020.

  • The Chinese authorities place significant emphasis on maintaining stability in the property sector as it contributed 15% of China’s GDP and has important financial linkages to the banking sector.

  • The regulators have proposed the ‘three red lines’ policy, which is credit positive for the sector in the long term.
    It instils financial discipline and serves to control debt levels in the sector.

Available to (i) Accredited Investors and (ii) clients who have passed their Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) and have the intent and financial capacity to transact no less than S$200,000 per purchase to be paid in full.

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*5.1% p.a. coupon applies to SGD tranche. For USD tranche, 5.15% p.a. coupon applies.

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