Make your foray into foreign exchange trading with UTRADE FX Elite and our MetaTrading 4 (MT4) system.

Packed with all the tools you need to make the fastest and smartest trades, UTRADE FX Elite is the system for foreign exchange traders. Traders who are just starting out will find it a breeze to use.

We also provide you with the automated trading system MT4. The new UTRADE FX MT4 system offers a clean and user-friendly interface equipped with a wide range of powerful functions that give more advanced traders an edge in the market.

Traders on the go can also rely on the UTRADE FX mobile app. Equipped with tools that allow you to monitor the fast-changing FX market, our app gives you the ability to place trades anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

Key Features

Wide Number of Currency Pairs

Choose from as many as 44 currency pairs and take advantage of the world’s largest financial market.

Seamless and Advanced Orders

Orders are instantly executed, reducing the probability that you might miss a trade. Traders can also use advanced orders such as Limit, Stop, One-Cancels-the-Other and Trailing Stops.

Transparent Trades

Skip the middle man and deal directly in the interbank market using Non-Dealing Desk technology.

User-friendly Experience

We have designed our FX trading system with you in mind. Easy to use and simple to navigate, our system’s interface provides information at a glance.

Deep Liquidity

With our strong network of partners who can provide a deep pool of FX liquidity, you can trade comfortably and confidently knowing that every trade you make is safe with us.

Automated Trading

Build your own trading algorithms with MT4 alarms and signal messages.

Configurable Charting Tools

Generate trading signals in real time and trade off the charts with a whole new suite of charting tools.


Leverage the wisdom of crowds by tapping into our community-sourced indicators and expert advisors.