UTRADE Robo is a digital fund manager providing customised portfolio to suit the investment objectives of our clients.

This is a simpler and effective way to help our clients:

Realise your financial goals via an intelligent platform and customised portfolios

We draw on the wealth of experience and deep market knowledge of our research analysts and investment professionals to develop the complex algorithms and screen for suitable ETFs.

With our intelligent platform and customised portfolios, you can invest with confidence for your retirement, children’s education and/or other investment goals.

Enhance returns through low portfolio management and transaction costs

We help you to enhance your returns with low expense, tax efficient ETFs

Access multi-asset, globally diversified portfolios to manage investment risk

Our portfolios offer diversification to the largest equity and fixed income markets in the world.

Safe keep your investment assets

UTRADE Robo is owned by UOB Kay Hian, which is backed by the UOB Group. We will be here to deliver returns to you for the medium to longer term.

Learn more about UTRADE Robo.

How To Get Started

Open a UTRADE Robo account start investing on the premier platform you deserve.

Tell us about yourself. Your goal and risk profile will be captured in a concise online questionnaire.

We will customise your portfolio. Our intelligent system will create an optimised portfolio based on your profile.

We will monitor and balance your portfolio as needed.

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