CFDs give traders the ability to take either long or short positions on stocks, indexes and other financial assets.

With UTRADE Edge, there are no bear or bull markets, just opportunities for you to profit from. We offer our clients leverage, which maximises the efficiency of your capital and multiplies the potential for profits.

If you are a seasoned trader, our UTRADE CFD Pro platform will take care of your every need. Simply customise your preferences and take advantage of our advanced tools to make smart trading decisions.

For traders on the go, take our UTRADE CFD Lite with you. With the latest trading technology packed into a sophisticated mobile app, you can monitor markets as well as track and trade your assets more efficiently than ever.

Key Features

Track Market Activity with Live Quotes

Access live quotes of assets.

Create Watchlists

Set up watchlists of your stocks within the app itself.

Perform Smart Searches

Placing buy or sell orders has never been this easy.

Check Your Portfolio

Track and monitor your portfolio at a glance.

Monitor Margin Requirements

Keep tabs on your margin requirements and manage your risks more efficiently.

Oversee Your Order Book

Manage your trades efficiently by checking your order book. Every order is laid out, giving you a snapshot of your trades at a glance.