Why spend your time staring at the trading screen when ChartGenie can do it for you? This technical analysis tool helps you keep tabs on stocks with up-to-date alerts throughout the day, providing ideas for your next trading decision.

Key Features

Timely Alerts

ChartGenie performs live scans of the stock market, your watchlists and portfolios to generate actionable trading ideas. Benefit from up-to-date alerts based on strong technical signals such as MACD, ADX, Support and Resistance with high volume breakouts.

Insightful Commentary

Every stock comes with a technical analysis based on technical trends and patterns at the end of each trading day.

Top Volume Counters

Discover the hottest stocks of the day with a list of the most heavily traded counters.

Technical and Trend Information

Measure the risks and rewards of any stock at a glance with price-to-support and price-to-resistance indicators.

Charting Area

Analyse price trends and patterns of selected stocks with easily customisable charts.