SGX Level 2 Market Depth Access

From now till 31 December 2024, enjoy FREE SGX Level 2 Market Depth on SGX-listed stocks of up to 20 levels!

SGX Level 2 Market Depth provides a comprehensive view of Buy and Sell orders for a specific listed security to enhance your trading decisions. It showcases up to 20 levels of pending orders on both the Buy and Sell sides, offering insights into the various price levels where buyers aim to purchase and sellers aim to sell at any given moment.

Benefits of SGX Level 2 Market Depth
- Market Depth Insights: View the quantity of securities available at various bid and ask prices, providing a deeper understanding of market liquidity.

- Informed Decision-Making: Make more informed trading decisions by analysing the order flow and market sentiment reflected in the Depth of Market (DOM).

- Transparent Market Activity: Gain transparency into the market's supply and demand dynamics, promoting a clearer understanding of price movements.

Login to your UTRADE account > 'Account' > 'Rewards' tab to redeem FREE SGX Level 2 Market Depth. Click here for a guide on how to redeem.

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