(CFD 10)

CFD 10 is a financial instrument that allows you to trade CFD Equities using leverage on a short-term basis. CFD 10 offers interest-free financing and lower margin requirements for the first 10 calendar days.

You can use CFD 10 to perform “short-term trading” with a small capital outlay and enjoy the flexibility to hold the position for up to 30 calendar days. Thereafter, the contract will expire.

Benefits of CFD 10


It costs only a fraction of the actual value of the asset to start trading it. (Up to 10x).

Interest-Free Financing

Enjoy up to 10 calendar days of interest-free financing for your leveraged positions.

Lower Margin Requirements

Maximise the potential of your trading capital based on the smaller collateral requirements for the first 10 calendar days.

Ease of Corporate Action Handling

Participate in Corporate Action with ease as we will handle the trade settlement process.

Gateway to Sophisticated Trading Strategies

Enjoy flexibility and higher trading power by tailoring your strategies to protect your portfolio and even profit from volatility.

UTRADE CFD Pro platform

Simply customise your preferences and take advantage of our advanced tools to make smart trading decisions.


With the latest trading technology packed into a sophisticated mobile app, you will be able to monitor markets as well as track and trade your favorite assets more efficiently than ever.

Trade Now with UTRADE CFD 10

How To Get Started

Open a UTRADE account today and start trading on the premier platform you deserve.

Make an appointment online.

Bring along the required documents to open a trading account.

Start trading CFDs with UTRADE or contact us at 6536 9338 for further assistance.

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