SRS Promotion

From now till 29 February 2020, receive extra Bonus Points* when you trade using SRS. What’s more, earn up to 5X Bonus Points when you trade REITs using SRS!

Commission for
Each Trade
Bonus Points for
SRS Trades
Bonus Points for
SRS REITs Trades
S$25 - S$500 X 1.5 Eg. Commission S$100,
150 bonus points
X 3 Eg. Commission S$100,
300 bonus points
Above S$501 X 3 Eg. Commission S$510,
1530 bonus points
X 5 Eg. Commission S$510,
2550 bonus points

The Ministry of Finance statistics showed that there were S$9.18 billion in SRS contributions as at December 2018 and 30% of the contribution is in Cash earning 0.05% interest per annum, which is similar to the interest rate in your savings account.

So what can you invest with SRS? Stocks, REITs, ETFs and Unit Trusts are some of the investment options on UTRADE. REITs is one of the products to consider for SRS investments. They pay out decent dividends and will fit nicely in a retirement portfolio with a regular income stream. In a recent SGX report, Singapore REITs average total returns of 24% (inclusive of dividends) for the first 10 months of 2019. On a longer term, the FTSE ST REIT Index delivered a 5-year total returns of 38% (2013-2018).

Start investing today with your SRS funds!

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